GNU Image Manipulation Program or Gimp

The greatest free photo and image editor available.
I have been using using this very powerful editing software since 2005 with great success. Tough to learn at first but well worth the effort. Gimp is open source so feel free to download and install without limitations or fees. Available for Linux, Apple Mac, Windows, etc...

Vista POS error: STOP 0x0000C1F5

Great work

Can't wait for Ubuntu 8.10

Verified and runs great in 32-bit and 64-bit on dual boot Apple OS 10.5 13" Macbook with 2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo and 64-bit with dual boot Vista on MSI P6N Diamond Mobo with Nvidia 8800 GTX, X-fi Audio, qx6850, 4GB RAM, 200 GB HD.

DD-WRT: best software for your router

I've been using this impressive software on my old Linksys router for three years now and it is much better than the stock software.
DD-WRT homepage
make sure your router is compatible:
Supported routers

Ubuntu 8.04 on Macbook 13"

Ubuntu on Macbook

The above link covers all the steps necessary to install Ubuntu on a Macbook 13" except:
upon a boot into rEFIT I had to enter its partitioning tool and synchronize the boot table otherwise I got the sad "No Bootable Device found. Insert Disk and press any key" when I would attempt to boot my Ubuntu partition. All you have to do is press the down arrow in the rEFIT boot menu to the Partitioning Tool then just synchronize the MBR.

Ubuntu Documentation

How to access NAS with Vista

Network Attached Storage from Vista:
In Vista, don't access the NAS from your Network because authentication may fail as it has for me. Instead, in a window and not from Internet Explorer, put the IP address of your NAS (for me: \\ to display the authentication window of your NAS, at that point insert you username and password for the NAS and you will be connected.